A specialized anti-aging clinic
for a select group of people only

A cozy, private space away from the hustle and bustle,
a minute’s walk from the Ginza Station

Individualized treatment for each person,
including medical weight loss and cosmetic oral prescriptions

About Smart Clinic Ginza

A specialized beauty and anti-aging clinic, located a minute’s walk from Ginza Station, across from the Giorgio Armani Store.
We offer a comprehensive range of drip programs including NMN, high concentration vitamins, etc., centering on “High Concentration Factor 9”, an exosome (stem cell culture supernatant) drip that was developed independently by our clinic.

※Free medical treatment not covered by public health insurance.


Clinic hours
Clinic hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun/
Acceptance time 10:00~17:30
(Telephone acceptance 18:00)
Acceptance time 10:00~17:30
(Telephone acceptance 18:00)


Acceptance time 10:00~18:00